Apple and books



    Let your child see you read every day.  When they see you read newspapers, catalogs, magazines, books and labels they will learn that reading is important.  Read for enjoyment.  Your children will copy what you do.



    Help your child identify the sounds at beginning of words (for example, the sound /t/ in “top” and the sound /b/ in “big”.)


    Help your child identify the sounds at the end of words as well.  (for example:  the sound /t/ in “hat” and the sound /b/ in job.)


    Help your child to separate sounds at the beginning of words  (for example: ask your child if you took the “s” away from sun and put an “r” in its place, what does it become?)


    Help your child separate the sounds in words by breaking them apart and orally telling you the sounds in words.  For example the word match would be: /m/ /a/ /ch/ 


    Use letter cards, letter tiles, or magnet letters to make simple words that you can sound out.  (CVC words, for example:  job, red, mat, hot)  Use these words to make new words by replacing the beginning letter or rearranging the letters. 


    Practice breaking apart words. (count syllables by clapping the parts)  For example:  Saturday would be /sat/ur/day/.  (3 word parts)


    Find rhyming words in books and make new words with letter tiles, letter cards or magnet letters. 


    Clap out the number of words in a sentence.  For example:  The lion could not fall asleep. (6 words)


    Sight Words/Star Words:

    Please remember that these are words that your child cannot decode.  These words should be recognized easily by sight.  If your child is able to recognize these words, this will increase their speed and confidence in learning to read.  It is imperative that these words become an essential part to your daily routine of learning to read.


    To, With, and By:  This is a repeated reading technique that will help your child to move forward in reading in learning and applying sight words more quickly. This will help your child practice fluent reading and will improve comprehension. 

    1.      Read the book TO your child twice.

    2.     Read the same book WITH your child twice.

    3.     Finally, have your child read it BY him/her self twice.



    Make Reading FUN! Enjoy spending quality time with your child.  Every little bit you do, will help your child become a better reader!