• BearReading

    Tips for Reading at Home:


    Get Ready:  Choose a quiet and comfortable place where you both can see the book. Talk about the front cover of the book. Explain how the title and picture help you to make predictions about the story. 


    Preview:  Look through the book together and “TALK” about the pictures.  This will help your child become familiar with the vocabulary in the story, and make changes and/or confirmations about their predictions. Point out key words in the story and discuss the meaning.  Ask lots of questions, for example:   “What’s happening now?” “What’s happening next?” “Where did he go?” “What is he doing?”


    GetSet:  As you read, point to the words so your child can see that the print contains a message.  Show them how the print goes from left to right, as well as from top to bottom. If there is print on both pages, explain that you always read the left page before the right page.  Ask your child to show you where to start reading on a page, which way to go (left to right), and what to do at the end of a line of print (go to the next line). 


    Go: Enjoy reading together!  Be enthusiastic! Read with expression!  After you finish reading the book, allow time to discuss what you just read.  Ask questions about the important ideas in the story.  Some ideas are:  Who were the characters?  Where did the story take place?  What happened first, next, and last?  What was the problem in the story?  What was the solution? Why do you think the author wrote this book? Did this story remind you of any other story or things that may have happened to you?