Projects Page

Box Tops for Education Clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating General Mills products with the original Box Tops program. Box Tops are worth 10¢ when our school sends them to General Mills. There is a collection box in the front lobby.
Get Moo Money - Turkey Hill Save the ‘Moo Money’ caps from milk items purchased at Turkey Hill stores and send them to school. (Do not remove the stickers from the caps.) We receive 5 cents for each cap we collect. There is a collection box in the front lobby.
Giant A+ Rewards A+School Rewards are points that accrue with each purchase using the BONUSCARD. Parent will still get the rewards that Giant features such as money off gas and groceries. At the end of each month GIANT will determine Mill Road’s cash total. Please remember that you must re-register for A+ Rewards every year.
Hoss’s Night We have Hoss’s Day/Night several times a year. Flyers with vouchers are sent home with the students. These vouchers have our school name on them On the day/night, present the voucher when you pay you bill. Hoss’s will add up all of these receipts that are accompanied with our voucher and they will send us a check for 20% of the receipts.