•  The Gifted and Talented Curriculum integrates EASD curriculum with the Core Standards. We build on the core standards in several different ways: by mining for depth in the knowledge of the standard, by finding how the concepts in the core standards are integrated into different domains, by practicing the skills in the domain as researchers or designers and by thinking about how we identify with the people who have made significant achievement in those domains.

    We use the Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP) materials and philosophy to extend the EASD mathematics curriculum. It teaches students to think mathematically in different "languages" such as the Language of Strings and Language of Arrows. Students use mini-computer boards to see how the idea of number can be shown in different ways. Students think visually, beyond rote repetition and algorithms. Students in grades 4-6 also take five advanced-level problem-solving tests throughout the school year. Students in grade 3, take three advanced-level problem solving tests throughout the school year.

    The Junior Great Books and Touchstones Discussion Project materials are used in reading clinics. Students learn how to read critically, think deeply and discuss the stories and texts in shared inquiry and student dialogue sessions.


    Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Torchia create many experiences that are distinctive in the way they develop students' capabilities and relate to what they study in their classrooms. Opportunities are provided for students to experience the design process as they create, test and evaluate products. Teachers are invited to adopt these activities and use them with all students.