• All About Mrs. O'Haren
    Family Picture
    Birthday: April 12
    Hometown: New Cumberland, PA
    High School: Cedar Cliff
    Undergraduate: Elementary Education, Minor in Mathematics at Shippensburg University
    Graduate: Master's in Educational Technology Leadership at The George Washington University
    Years Teaching: 9th Year
    Fun Facts About Mrs. O'Haren
    • Married her husband on December 12, 2009
    • Traveled to Ireland the summer after getting married
    • Has a daughter, Gabrielle (Gabi), who is 5 years old. She started kindergarten this year!
    • Has a son, Connor, who is 2 years old
    • Has a dog named Brady, who is a crazy little dog who thinks he's a big, scary protector!
    • Has an older sister, named Becki, who looks like she could be her twin! Their birthdays are one day apart, April 12 and April 13
    • Played volleyball and threw the javelin on the track and field team while at Shippensburg University
    • Has two amazing nephews, Caleb (9 years old) and A.J. (5 years old)
    • Taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math in her past 11 years of teaching
    • Loves to travel - Mrs. O'Haren has been to over 30 states and 4 different countries
    • Coached the EAHS Girls' Volleyball team for 5 years
    • Played 5 different sports (soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, track & field) and 3 different musical instruments (cello, french horn, trumpet) while growing up
    Favorite Colors: purple, red, blue
    Favorite Foods: peanut butter cups, cheddar Chex Mix, Starbucks iced coffee
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