10 Tips for healthy kids at Bear Creek

    Practice these simple and basic rules and you"ll be on your way to life-long healthy living.

    1. Exercise for 1 hour every day.

    2. Eat fruits and veggies with every meal.

    3. Select "whole" grains over enriched grains.

    4. Instead of juice and soda, drink water or no- to low-fat milk.

    5. Trim the fat off your meat. Make sure your protein is lean.

    6. You need fat, but get your fat from healthy sources: vegetable oils, fatty fish, and almonds

    7. Portion sizes help you stay lean and fit.

    8. Start the day with a healthy and substantial breakfast.

    9. You don"t have to say, "Yes," when someone offers you junk food.

    10. Keep a healthy habit journal. Write in it every day.