to the
    Bear Creek Gym

    We have developed a classroom discipline plan that affords every student the opportunity to manage his or her own behavior.  Your child deserves a positive, as well as, a safe climate for academic growth.  Respect for themselves and each other will be promoted.



    Rules for behavior


    Respect yourself, others, and the environment.

                                            Win without boasting. Lose without blaming.

                                              Do your best work. Be proud of your work.

                                                       High fives before you leave.



    Tips for success


                                                                  Always do your best.                                                                     

    Be a good sport.
    Dress appropriately for physical activity. 
    Changing into exercise clothing is encouraged but optional.
    Wear appropriate sneakers fully laced and tied.



                The styles of baggy  pants, untied sneakers, slip on sneakers, stacked sneakers and shoes with roller skates on the bottoms are not safe appropriate wear for activities.


                       1.  Warning

                       2.  Miss activity for 5 minutes. 

                       3.  Miss the remaining minutes of wellness and physical education.

                       4.  We will telephone parents.

                      5.  Severe behavior such as fighting and swearing will be referred to the principal.  A behavior plan will be put in place for student's needing additional behavioral support.     


                  If your child has been out of school because of injury or illness and needs to be excused from wellness and physical education class, please send a note into school. A note would also be needed to inform us when they can resume participating in class activities.  With your permission, we would like to be able to make safe accommodations to activities so your child can still participate even if there is a health concern.  



                         Let's work together in keeping your child active and physically fit!