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                   The main emphasis of our Health, Wellness and Physical Education program at Bear Creek School is to provide a wide variety of movement activities that are developmentally appropriate for each child. These learning experiences are carefully designed to be both enjoyable and meaningful to the students.


                It is our desire to have each of our students gain confidence in performing fundamental movement skills, along with a basic understanding of the movement principles. 
    Children who develop a variety of movement skills are able to call upon these experiences when they are learning new and more complex skills. This confidence in skill building will enhance our students’ ability to participate and enjoy physical activity throughout their lives.


                The Health, Wellness and Physical Education program calls for children to be actively engaged in vigorous physical activities, which in turn, will certainly enhance their fitness levels.  Students
     will also develop an understanding of how to improve and maintain their individual fitness level and their bodies overall health.

    Our goal is to form a working partnership with each student helping them reach their optimum health and wellness potential.  Students will be scheduled for a health class  in addition

     to a wellness/fitness class each in a 6 day cycle.  These health classes will be coordinated so that the implementation  and instruction will be practiced, learned, and mastered. A partnership like this will help our students meet learning objectives,and guide them toward making healthy choices throughout their life.


                The physical education environment helps our students develop desirable social skills and positive self-concepts by allowing them to work individually and cooperatively with others. In essence, a strong mind and healthy body at a very young age can only enhance each student's ability to succeed in life and become responsible citizens in our challenging global society.
    DAYS 1-4
                   Period 1      Mr. Sernoffsky and Miss Coleman (8:55am -9:40am)
                   Period 2      Mr. Weber and Mrs. Miller  (9:45am -10:30am)
                   Period 3      Mrs. Horner and Mrs. Towsen (10:35am -11:20am)
                   Period 4      Mrs. Sweigart  and Mrs. Bair   (11:25am -12:10pm)
                   Period 5      Mr. Mooney and Mrs. Horner   (1:10pm - 1:55)
                   Period 6      Mrs. Troop and Mrs. Price   (2:00pm -2:45pm)
    DAYS 2-5
                Period 1      Mr. Barlow and Mrs. Hossler    (8:55am -9:40am)
                Period 2      Mrs. Minder  and Mr. Wittemann   (9:45am -10:30am)
                Period 3      Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Carrasco   (10:35am -11:20am)
                Period 4      Mrs. Bohanick and Mrs. Fraser    (11:25am -12:10pm)
                Period 5      Mrs. Hoover and  Mrs. Sheehe   (1:10pm - 1:55)
                Period 6      Mr. Bosch and Mrs. Nolt   (2:00pm -2:45pm)
    DAYS 3-6
               Period 1       Mrs. O'Haren and Mr. Dietz   (8:55am -9:40am)
                Period 2      Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Houseal  (9:45am -10:30am)
                Period 3      Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Freiburg   (10:35am -11:20am)
                Period 4      Mrs. Kob and Mrs. Englehart  (11:25am -12:10pm)
                Period 5      Mr. Perry and Mrs. Sterner  (1:10pm - 1:55)
                Period 6      Mr. Handran and Mr. Davis  (2:00pm -2:45pm)
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