Mrs. Pickel ~ 3rd Grade Teacher

    This is Mrs. Pickel's 17th year teaching for the EASD.

    I was born in....
    Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

    I went to school/college....

     I was lucky enough to attend 3 out of the 5 Elementary Schools in Elizabethtown. I attended Mill Road for Kindergarten, East High for first and second grade and Rheems Elementary for 3rd-5th.  I graduated from Elizabethtown High School. I received a B.S. in Elementary Education from Shippensburg University.


    My family....

    My pride and joy are my two daughters, Ella who is 14 years old and Miley who is 11 years old. I have been married to my husband Wade for 22 years.


    When I was in school....

     Staying active was very important to me when I was in school. I played softball and basketball and was a cheerleader.


    If I were not a teacher....

     I would love to be a photographer, taking pictures of babies and kids.


    I became a teacher because....

     I can’t remember ever wanting to be anything but teach.  I grew up with chalk in hand and a chalkboard in the basement pretending to be a teacher to a full room of students.


    My favorite teacher was....

     When I was in second grade I had a kind and loving teacher, Mrs. Nesbitt. She made every day of school a fun learning experience that made a lasting impact on me.


    I am interested in ....

    My favorite book is Charlotte’s Web.

    My favorite hobby is Reading (when I have time)

    My favorite movie is Beaches.

    My favorite sport to watch is football.


    I love to vacation....

     Anywhere it is warm and sunny surrounded by the beach is where I like to relax.


    My favorite food....

     I love Italian food, anything pasta and pizza, pizza, pizza. Shrimp, crab, ice cream and chocolate also tops the list


    I would most like to meet....

    Carrie Underwood

    The Today Show Cast







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