• Mrs. Kosmela ~ School Nurse

    This is Mrs. Kosmela's eleventh year as a certified school nurse for EASD.

    She has been a Certified School Nurse for 26 years. Mrs. Kosmela has 8 years of experience in a high school and 18 years of experience in elementary schools.


    I was born in .......   Louisville, KY

    I went to school.....  St. Joseph Hospital, School of Nursing;
    Millersville University – Bachelor of Science in Nursing;
    Penn State University – Master of Education

    When I was in Elementary School.... I fell off the rings and broke my
    right arm in 2nd grade.

    My family ..... lives in Elizabethtown.

    I wanted to be a nurse because....

    If I was not a nurse....I always wanted to be a nurse while I was growing up.


    I became a nurse because.... I wanted to help people feel better.

    My favorite teacher was......  Mrs. Rutt the elementary school librarian.

    I am interested in.... walking, spending time outside and with my family

    I love to vacation-...... at the beach.

    My favorite food.... is chocolate.


    The people I would most like to meet.... Mother Teresa.