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  • 1913: Seeds of Conflict

    by Ben Loeterman Year Published: 2015 No Rating

    This documentary explores an overlooked moment in pre-WWI Palestine when people’s identities overlap and Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities intermingle freely, yet few can contemplate the conflict that would engulf their region for the next century.

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  • American Coup

    by Joe Ayella (Director) Year Published: 2010 No Rating

    American Coup tells the story of the first coup ever carried out by the CIA - Iran in 1953. The film further explores the blowback from this seminal event, as well as the coup's lingering effects on the present US-Iranian relationship, including the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis. The film also includes a section on the 2009 Iranian presidential election and interviews with noted Middle East experts, historians, and prominent public figures such as Stephen Kinzer (author, All The Shah's Men), Prof. Ervand Abrahamian, Trita Parsi, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Ted Koppel and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

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  • Breaker Morant: The Retrial

    by Nick Bleszynski & Gregory Miller Year Published: 2013 TV-MA

    Bush balladeer Breaker Morant was executed for following orders during the Boer War. Was he a victim of the cruelty and criminality at the heart of turn-of-the-century British military strategy, or was his a fair execution?

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  • Cry Freedom

    by Richard Attenborough Year Published: 1987 PG

    Donald Woods is chief editor at the liberal newspaper `Daily Dispatch' in South Africa. He has written several editorials critical of the views of Steve Biko, but after having met him, he changes his views and attracts attention from the security police. When Steve Biko dies in police custody, he writes a book about Biko. The only way to get it published is for Woods himself to illegally escape the country.

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  • Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll

    by John Pirozzi (Director) Year Published: 2014 Not Rated

    Through the eyes, words, and songs of its popular music stars of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock & Roll examines and unravels Cambodia's tragic past, culminating in the genocidal Khmer Rouge's dismantling of the society and murder of two-million of its citizens. Combining interviews of the surviving Cambodian musicians themselves (a total of 150 hours of interviews were filmed) with never-before-seen archival material and rare songs, this documentary tracks the twists and turns of Cambodian music as it morphs into rock and roll, blossoms, and is nearly destroyed along with the rest of the country.

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  • Finding Oscar

    by Ryan Suffern Year Published: 2016 TV-MA

    Sheds light on a forgotten massacre that occurred during the Guatemalan Civil War and the closing days of the Cold War. Thirty years after the tragic event, a forensic scientist and prosecutor search for Oscar, a young boy who survived the horror.

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  • Gandhi

    by Richard Attenborough Year Published: 1982 PG-13

    This acclaimed biographical drama presents major events in the life of Mohandas Gandhi (Ben Kingsley), the beloved Indian leader who stood against British rule over his country. Dedicated to the concept of nonviolent resistance, Gandhi is initially dismissed by English officials, including the influential Lord Irwin (John Gielgud), but eventually he and his cause become internationally renowned, and his gatherings of passive protest move India towards independence.

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  • Harvest of Empire

    by Peter Getzels & Eduardo Lopez (Directors) Year Published: 2012 No Rating

    A powerful documentary that exposes the direct connection between the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today. From the territorial expansionist policies that decimated the young economies of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba, to the covert operations that imposed oppressive military regimes in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Harvest of Empire provides an unflinching look at the origins of the growing Latino presence in the United States. Adapted from the landmark book written by journalist Juan Gonzalez, the film tells the story of an epic human saga that is largely unknown to the great majority of citizens in the U.S., but must become part of our national conversation about immigration.

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  • Hotel Rwanda

    by Terry George Year Published: 2004 PG-13

    Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle), a Hutu, manages the Hôtel des Mille Collines and lives a happy life with his Tutsi wife (Sophie Okonedo) and their three children. But when Hutu military forces initiate a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Tutsi minority, Paul is compelled to allow refugees to take shelter in his hotel. As the U.N. pulls out, Paul must struggle alone to protect the Tutsi refugees in the face of the escalating violence later known as the Rwandan Genocide.

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  • Intent to Destroy: Death, Denial, & Depiction

    by Joe Berlinger Year Published: 2017 PG-13

    Filmmaker Joe Berlinger meets with historians and scholars to discuss the Armenian Genocide by exploring the tangled web of responsibility that has driven a century of denial by the Turkish government and its strategic allies.

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  • Joshua: Teenager v. Superpower

    by Joe Piscatella Year Published: 2017 No Rating

    This film is a documentary about Joshua Wong, a teenager who rallies Hong Kong youth in dissent during the 2014 Hong Kong Occupy Movement when the Chinese Communist Party reneged on its promise of autonomy to the territory. At Sundance, Netflix negotiated worldwide viewing rights for the documentary. The film premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival at the Park City Temple Theatre in Sundance's World Documentary Competition.The film was released on Netflix on 26 May 2017.

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  • King Leopold's Ghost

    by Oreet Rees & Pippa Scott Year Published: 2006 PG-13

    Based on Adam Hochschild's 1998 historical novel of the same name, the film traces the brutal legacy of King Leopold II of Belgium. In the 1880s, Leopold began an underhanded campaign for the right to colonize the Congo Free State for himself, and once he succeeded, he turned the country into a slave camp, stripping out all valuable resources and slaughtering the locals. The film features interviews with Belgian scholars and Congolese survivors and is narrated by Don Cheadle.

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  • Las Sandinistas!

    by Jenny Murray (Director) Year Published: 2018 PG-13

    Las Sandanistas uncovers a watershed moment in history when a group of Nicaraguan women shattered barriers to lead rebel troops in battle and reshape their country with landmark social reforms during 1979's Sandinista Revolution and the ensuing US-backed Contra War - only to face renewed marginalization by their male peers once the wars ended. Now, 35 years later, amid the worst levels of violence against women in Nicaraguan history, these same women take to the streets to lead the popular movements for equality and democracy once again.

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  • Meet the Natives

    by Travel Channel Year Published: 2009 TV-MA

    "Meet the Natives: USA" introduces viewers to five tribesmen from the remote Pacific island of Tanna, whose mission is to spread their wisdom and kindness as they travel across the United States visiting such otherworldly locales as Manhattan, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

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  • National Geographic: Inside Mecca

    by Anisa Mehdi Year Published: 2003 No Rating

    Inside Mecca is a 2003 National Geographic documentary film by Anisa Mehdi that offers an intimate documentation of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

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  • PBS Frontline

    by TV Series (PBS) Year Published: 1983 - present TV-MA

    "Frontline" offers an unflinching and compelling look at complex, vital and often-controversial subjects. Each broadcast consists of a long-form news documentary. Topics run the gamut -- from Bernie Madoff's intricate fraud and prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, to AIDs, racial issues and Wal-Mart's effect on the U.S. economy.

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    by TV Series (PBS) Year Published: 1974 - present No Rating

    This long-running, award-winning documentary series focuses on science - the speculation, history and researchers associated with it and its many applications. Inspired by the BBC documentary program `Horizons', the U.S. series frequently features interviews with scientists directly involved in the topic at hand, and sometimes even boasts footage of a particular discovery.

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  • Romero

    by John Duigan (Director) Year Published: 1989 PG-13

    Romero is the true story of Archbishop Oscar Romero who lived in El Salvador during the political unrest in the 1980s. The government has launched a 'terror campaign' against the guerillas in an attempt to crush them. Archbishop Romero's protests against the government's actions are perceived as disloyalty. As an example to others, the government has begun to destroy churches and murder priests. Despite persecution, Romero continues to speak out against the atrocities the government is committing against the people of El Salvador, until his untimely death.

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  • The Gods Must Be Crazy

    by Jamie Uys Year Published: 1989 PG

    Bushman Xixo (N!xau) traverses the parched Kalahari desert with his two young children, Xiri (Eiros) and Xisa (Nadies). When the youngsters happen upon an enormous tank full of water, they clamber into it, only to discover that the tank is attached to a truck belonging to a pair of ivory poachers heading back to the city. Meanwhile, a pilot (Hans Strydom) and a scientist (Lena Farugia) get into a series of comic misadventures when their small ultralight plane goes down over the desert.

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  • The Judge and the General

    by PBS Year Published: 2008 TV-MA

    When, in 1998, Chilean judge Juan Guzmán was assigned the first criminal case against the country's ex-dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, no one expected much. Guzmán had supported Pinochet's 1973 coup against the democratically elected president, Salvador Allende, and had worked as a judge during Pinochet's dictatorship. The filmmakers trace Guzmán's descent into what he calls "the abyss," where he uncovers the past - including his own role in the tragedy.

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  • The Kite Runner

    by Marc Forster Year Published: 2007 PG-13

    Afghani immigrant Amir is summoned from his California home to Pakistan by Rahim Khan, an old, dying friend of his father. As a boy in Afghanistan, wealthy Amir was best friends with servant's son Hassan, but when Hassan was brutally assaulted by a local bully, Amir was too scared to save him, and has been tormented by guilt ever since.

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  • The Promise

    by Terry George Year Published: 2016 PG-13

    Brilliant medical student Michael (Oscar Isaac) meets beautiful dance instructor Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) in late 1914. Their shared Armenian heritage sparks an attraction that explodes into a romantic rivalry between Michael and Ana's boyfriend (Christian Bale), an American photojournalist who's dedicated to exposing the truth. As the Ottoman Empire crumbles into war-torn chaos, their conflicting passions must be deferred as they join forces to get themselves and their people to safety.

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