A letter to my students:

  • Dear Students,


    1. I am proud to be your teacher. I am honored to see you grow and learn every day, and I try my hardest to show you how true that is.
    2. Our class, is our family away from home. I hope that you will learn from your peers and respect their strengths and weaknesses.
    3. I believe in you. I believe that when you truly try your hardest, you will accomplish more than you thought you could. I believe that you are a good person capable of doing wonderful things.
    4. You are important to me. I care about you. I care about your success, about your happiness, and about your safety.
    5. I trust in you. I trust that you will make good decisions and when you don’t, I trust that you will learn from your mistakes to become a better student and a better person.
    6. In my class, you will succeed. You might not always know everything on a quiz or understand everything I teach you right away, but I know that with hard work, focus, and dedication, you will find success in fifth grade.
    7. Please know that I am here to help you, please never hesitate to ask for help.



    Mrs. Sheehe