Lumio by SMART Technologies

  • Lumio iconLumio by SMART (formerly SMART Learning Suite Online) is a tool that transforms static lesson delivery with game-based activities, formative assessments, and student collaboration to enhance learning experiences on any device.

    Teachers have the option to share a copy of activities, assessments and lessons with each student device. That way students can complete tasks at their own pace and learn together.

    Now teachers can use the Instant page and Shout It Out! activities from Lumio to engage students while delivering a lesson and they can create and deliver activities and assessments and get instant results that guide instruction.

    Teachers can import existing SMART Notebook, PowerPoint and PDF content and enhance it by adding collaborative activities, formative assessments and annotations.

    Students can work synchronously or asynchronously through lessons depending on teacher settings and they can contribute and co-create together from their devices using the Lumio whiteboard.


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