Independent Learning Option

  • How does E-town Cyber INDEPENDENT LEARNING option work?

    • Program is offered entirely online with blended in-person opportunities available by level.
    • Uses an independent curriculum provided by Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 aligned to the Pennsylvania state standards.
    • In grades K-8, Pennsylvania certificated teachers will be facilitating instruction.
    • At the high school level, EASD teachers have been dedicated exclusively to facilitate E-town Cyber instruction.
    • Special education accommodations are available for students.
    • Students have the opportunity to come into school and meet with the actual teacher, one-on-one, when they need extra help or enrichment.
    • Students can participate in the District's wide variety of clubs, activities, music, and athletic programs.

    What can students and parents expect?

    • Student schedule is established by the student and is flexible.
    • Students complete course work independently and at your own pace.
    • Students receive instruction in the four core subject areas (English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies), as well as graded independent work in the Related Arts (i.e. art, music, physical education, etc.)
    • Depending on the class and grade level, students may have daily assignments that they need to complete.
    • Technology and tech-support is provided for each student.
    • Students will work individually, cooperatively, and collaboratively. 
    • At-home support is highly recommended for all students who enroll in E-town Cyber, as this is a best practice across all cyber education programs.