Real Time Option

  • How does Etown Cyber REAL-TIME option work?

    • Robust instruction provided by a highly qualified EASD teacher.
    • Live-stream instruction via our Schoology or Seesaw platform and Zoom.
    • When enrollment allows, we will have dedicated online class sections, meaning students will not be “zooming” into in-person classrooms. However, for courses or grade levels with minimal Real Time enrollment, due to limited human resources, there may be a need for Real Time students to “zoom” into in-person classrooms.
    • Curriculum aligned to the In Person offerings with a varied amount of course offerings and shown in the following Educational Planning Guides:
    • Students will receive instruction in the four core subjects (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies).
    • Students can receive instruction in elective areas if available.
    • Students will work individually, cooperatively, and collaboratively. 
    • Students will be provided learning support, gifted support and academic interventions on an as needed basis
    • Students enrolled in E-town Cyber remain with their local school district in classes with local students, unlike outside cyber charter schools where students may be in a class with teachers and classmates from across the Commonwealth.
    • Students can participate in the District's wide variety of clubs, activities, music, and athletic programs.

    What can students and parents expect?

    • Students will check their district email ( morning and afternoon and respond to School District communication within 24 hours.
    • Students will check their grades for missing work weekly (younger students may require parental assistance)
    • If a student submits late work, the student will notify the teacher.
    • Students will commit to completing their own work with academic integrity, and not make use of any apps, electronic devices, websites, etc. to cheat or plagiarize on assignments or assessments.
    • Students will contact their Etown Cyber Real Time teacher with any questions or problems while enrolled in the course.
    • Students will participate in Keystone and/or PSSA exams as scheduled. Students will be required to come into the school building to participate in mandated assessments.
    • Parent assistance with any of these tasks may be needed for students in K-5.

    CLICK HERE for the Etown Cyber Real Time Handbook