Career Internship and Cooperative Work Experience Training Agreement

  • Thank you for considering being a Career Internship or Cooperative Work Experience mentor for an Elizaththown Area High School student. This opportunity provides our students with valuable on-the-job experience in the student's career field of interest. Without your support, the program would not be successful. Please take time to read and become familiar with the mentor, student, and school expectations listed below for EASD's Career Internship and Cooperative Work Experience Programs. If you agree to participate in the program, you will receive this agreement to sign via DocuSign at the beginning of the semester. If you have questions about either of the programs or the Training Agreement Acknowledgement, please contact Jackie Spittal by email at



    The employer/training site will adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding safe working environment and conditions, employment, and child labor law, as well as minimum wages and workers’ compensation if applicable (cooperative work experience program only).

    1. The mentor will evaluate the progress of the student on a quarterly basis.
    2. The student will be given a variety of work assignments and be supervised by an experienced person at all times.
    3. The mentor will notify the coordinator if a problem arises with the student.
    4. The mentor will provide the necessary safety instruction by a qualified person throughout the program.
    5. The mentor will immediately notify the coordinator if the student is injured at the training site.
    6. The mentor will schedule the student for the minimum number of hours required for the program (Work Experience 10 hours per week per credit, Internship 5 hours per week per credit per week from Monday-Friday).  
    7. The mentor will assist the student in developing a Training Plan. 



    1. The student will adhere to training site policy and work rules; the student may be released for the same reasons as those for regular employees.
    2. The student must be regular in attendance and meet the minimum hours required for scheduled credits (Work Experience 10 hours per week per credit, Internship 5 hours per week per credit per week from Monday-Friday).  If unable to work because of an illness or unforeseen emergency, s/he must notify the training site. If the student is absent from school they are not permitted to report to work/intern the entire day.
    3. The student is obligated to comply with any confidentiality and professional policies established by the training site.
    4. The student will be permitted to leave the school building during their pre-approved release block(s).
    5. The student and parents agree to be responsible for transportation between the school and the training site.  The student must be covered by automobile insurance for travel to and from the training site  (Pennsylvania State Law).  The school and employer assume no liability for accidents occurring to and from the internship/cooperative work experience training site.
    6. The student agrees to carry school insurance or have comparable coverage for accident protection.  
    7. The student will follow school rules at the work and school sites.  Violation of school rules will lead to disciplinary action, which may include termination from the internship or cooperative work experience programs.
    8. The student will complete assignments as outlined by the cooperative education coordinator.
    9. The student will report to designated meetings with the cooperative education coordinator.
    10. The student will notify the school of any problems experienced at the training site.



    1. The program is administered by and under the direct supervision of a certified cooperative education coordinator.
    2. The cooperative education coordinator will visit the student and training mentor at the training site.