Etown Cyber (Real Time) Attendance Guidelines - Grades 6-8

  • Student attendance will be taken at the beginning of each school day, and in each subsequent period.  Therefore, daily attendance is calculated based on 7 increments (from 7 periods).  It is important for your online learning student to be present throughout the full school day to avoid accumulating absences.  Please call or email your child’s school to provide notification of an absence, noting that your student is an Etown Cyber student.  This also applies if the absence is due to an access/technical issue. Written paper excuses are also accepted. Please scan/email any medical or other documentation to your child’s school.  If you call in or email to report an absence, you do NOT need to submit anything further, unless you would like the absence to be coded as medical/legal/or other type that will not count towards the 10-day excused policy (= medical note needed for all future absences).

    Please note that class cuts in the online learning format will be counted towards attendance, due to the inability of administration to assign disciplinary consequences for this action. It is imperative that you maintain communication with your student’s school regarding all absences.  

    Please utilize the following telephone numbers or email addresses regarding absences: