• Band Health & Safety

    Please read through this information carefully. Due to Covid-19, we are taking serious precautions and will continue to play instruments in only the safest way possible. If you have questions or concerns please email Miss Martin at elizabeth_martin@etownschools.org!


    Health & Safety Presentation


    1. Students will be wearing special masks that will allow a mouthpiece to fit through them while covering the rest of their mouth.

    2. Students will be given bell covers to cover the ends of their instruments to prevent droplets from leaking out of the ends.

    3. Students will wash mouthpieces & hands at the end of EACH lesson.

    4. Students will be grouped in lessons by grade & team.

    5. ALL STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE LESSONS (virtual, in-person, homeschool, LLVS)

    6. Students are responsible for washing all masks and cleaning their instrument regularly.

    7. Large group ensembles will be postponed until further notice but small chamber groups will take their place.