• What to Bring to School on a Daily Basis


    A charged Chromebook and earbuds/headphones  Charge your Chromebook every afternoon and/or evening so it is ready to go the next day.  (Make sure to bring your charger to school in case your battery runs out.)


    Agenda and light blue homework folder  Place both your agenda and homework folder in your backpack every evening so you do not forget to bring them to school the next morning.


    Mask to wear on bus  All students must wear a face mask covering both the nose and mouth at all times while riding a school bus. Wearing a face mask indoors is optional at this time.  


    Light jacket/sweater/sweatshirt  Some students find they get cold in the building with the air condition on, so bring clothing just in case you get a chill!


    Healthy Snack  Since 4th grade has a late lunch period, you may bring a small snack in to eat at snack time. 


    Water bottle  Since all water fountains will be turned off, please bring a labeled unbreakable water bottle that is able to be closed tightly to avoid spills.


    Lunch box if packing or lunch money if buying. 


    Chapter book from home to read.