Clever SSO

  • Clever SSO Icon What is Clever and why use it?: 

    Clever SSO, or single-sign on, allows teachers and students to log into applications with a single set of credentials configured at the district level. Sapphire class rosters securely sync with Clever so user accounts are automatically created and class rosters are built. Clever also contains links to websites that are not set up with rosters but these provide easy access to the websites your students use.

    See Clever in action in the Teaching With Clever Video.

    Clever is Now Available for Teachers!! Please log in to Clever now (and bookmark it) to test your access and make sure you can get to the various linked sites.

    Remember, some links will launch directly into the authenticated area of its website while some of the links will direct you to the site's home page where you'll log in using your existing credentials for that site.

    Clever URL: and select "Log in with Google"

    Available websites: Many of the links available in Clever still require teachers and students to log in to those sites manually. The following websites, however, allow for SSO and rostering, which means that the nightly Sapphire to Clever data sync creates new student and teacher accounts, creates classes, and logs you and your students in without having to log in a second time when the link is clicked:

    • BrainPOP (Jr, ELL) - K-8
    • Discovery Education - K-12
    • Eduspire Solutions: Exact Path - K-12
    • Eduspire Solutions: Study Island - K-12
    • First In Math - K-3
    • IXL - Gr 7 & 8
    • Keyboarding Without Tears - K-6
    • Newsela - K-3
    • No Red Ink - Gr 7 & 8
    • Seesaw - K-3 
    • World Book Online - K-12
    • Xello (does not put students into classes) - K-12

    Please note: Not all teachers and students will see links to all websites. For example, only primary teachers and students will see First In Math but it will not be available to teachers and students in other grades because the district only has paid licensing for grades K-3.

    Teachers: View this document to see more info about the apps.

    Class rosters: In mid-August each year, once schedules are finalized for the new school year, the new class roster data will be synced over to Clever from Sapphire. There will also be additional tweaking on the back end to make sure that the students and teachers who need to see specific sites, have access to what they need. Updated class rosters sync from Sapphire to Clever several times each day to keep current.

    Clever Class Links: Teachers can also add links to their Clever "classes" so students can easily access additional educational websites that you want them to use. This is an optional feature that you do not need to use if you have already built links on your district webpage or if you add links directly into Schoology or Seesaw.

    Troubleshooting student login issues: If a student has issues logging in to Clever, teachers are able to quickly help them by requesting a 6-digit login code through the teacher portal. When the code is entered on the student's device, the student will then be allowed to log in. The code allows for quick access to Clever so there is minimal lost instruction time. Afterwards, contact the tech department for a more comprehensive investigation into why the student couldn't log in to Clever.

    Learn Clever: To learn all about the features available to teachers in Clever, click the Question mark (?) symbol at the top right corner of the screen by your name to reveal the "Help" drop-down menu and then click:

    • Help Center
    • Clever Academy in the drop-down menu

    Tech Request: Please submit a tech request through Web Help Desk if you experience any trouble accessing Clever or any of the links or if you have any questions about this new system.

    Clever Tipsheets and Tutorials for Students:

    Clever Tipsheets and Tutorials for Teachers: