Parent/Guardian Technology Center

  • Research shows that family engagement in a child's education matters in student success. An alliance between parents and teachers creates a positive atmosphere to propel students forward. With that in mind, this page serves as a guide to technology resources for Parents and Guardians of Elizabethtown Area School District students.

    EASD students use electronic devices to access online resources for classroom instruction. Students in grades K-2 use iPads and Chromebooks while students in grades 3-12 use Chromebooks. Upon registering in the district, student technology accounts are created automatically so they are able to log in to district devices and access online instructional resources. Please read the information on this page to learn more about the student devices, technology accounts and troubleshooting measures.

    Parents are encouraged to create their own technology accounts in the following systems to access their student's demographic information, digital report cards, and daily classroom instruction and grades. 

    SEESAW - Grades K-2Seesaw Family icon
    Seesaw is an interactive, digital platform where students are empowered to demonstrate and share their learning. Students use a variety of tools to create and express their voice.

    • Parents of students in grades K-2 are encouraged to download the Seesaw Family app or visit to stay connected to their child's learning and receive communication from their school.

    How to Access: Within the Seesaw Family app, parents create an account with a personal email address and password. Once created, follow the directions given by their child's teacher to link to their child's Seesaw journal. Multiple family members may connect to a student's journal.

    • To log into Seesaw as a family member, open the Seesaw Family app or click here.
    • To log into Seesaw as a student, open Seesaw using Clever.
    • For more information about Seesaw, click here.
    • To view a tutorial on how to use Seesaw Family, please view this video.


    schoology icon SCHOOLOGY - Grades 3-12
    Schoology (pronounced School-ogy) is a learning management system for educators and students designed as a home for all course materials in one place, much like a class notebook. 

    • Parents of students in grades 3-12 are encouraged to create an account in Schoology to view their student's daily classwork and grades.

    How to Access: Parents create their account with a personal email address and password of their choosing and a 12 digit parent access code assigned to their student by the Schoology system. Parents manage their own accounts.


    Community Portal logo Sapphirethe district's Student Information System (SIS), is a web-based program used by educational organizations to maintain student records.  An SIS handles a wide variety of academic tasks that manage student, parent, and personnel data, as well as providing an archive of and access to current and past grading, scheduling, attendance, discipline, and other school records.
    The Sapphire Community Portal module within the Sapphire SIS allows parents and students to access report cards, view attendance information and student reports, and receive building and district announcements.
    How to Access: Parents fill out an application requesting access to the Portal. The application asks for the parent's personal email address and password to use when accessing the system. Parents manage their own accounts.

    Parent Technology Support

    Parents may email for support in accessing their online accounts.

    The chart below shows the features available in both the Sapphire Community Portal and the Schoology Learning Management System. Please note that parents will need an account to access both systems. Each online system offers valuable student information and is equally beneficial for students and parents/guardians to visit. 

  • Parent/Teacher Conference Online SchedulerOnline Scheduler logo

    The Online Scheduler, by Canyon Creek Software, is an online calendar through which parents can schedule a conference with their child's teacher two times each school year.

    Parents will be able to conveniently and securely schedule a conference with their student's teacher via the online scheduling calendar using any device with an Internet connection. Specific information including dates and keywords needed to schedule a conference is sent out prior to the conference dates.

    How to access: Parents can view their student's teacher's schedules using their student's ID number. They may use their student's birthdate to look up the student ID.


    Student Technology Accounts

    Technology accounts are automatically created for students upon registering in the school district. Each student is assigned a district username, email address and password that allows them to log in to district computers and a multitude of online software systems used for classroom instruction. 

    Please visit the Student Center for information pertaining to the naming convention for district usernames and email addresses, links to frequently used online systems by students and information for graduating seniors.

    Google Workspace for Educationgoogle for education

    EASD uses a suite of tools from Google called Google Workspace for Education. Google tools allow students to work independently or collaboratively to create and edit online documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations and more.

    If you're curious about Google Tools and want to learn more about them, view this Guardian's Guide to Google Tools. Please note that not all teachers use every Google tool.

    Personalized Learning section

    Through the district's Personalized Learning (1:1) program students in grades 3-12 are assigned a Chromebook for instructional use during the school year. 

    Please visit the EASD One-to-One Personalized Learning Initiative page on the district website for complete information on the type of device the students receive as well as policies, procedures, care and technology support information.

    Troubleshooting Student Devices and Accountstools

    Parents are asked to assist students with basic troubleshooting steps when needed. For more advanced device support, please refer students to the Department of Technology Services. Students are asked to contact their teachers for questions about online software systems.

    For Chromebook support or if their teacher advises them to contact Technology Services for software support, students will be asked to open a technology support ticket through Web Help Desk at

    Students should log in using their district username (without "") and district password. Fill in the fields with as much information describing the issue and any troubleshooting steps taken. The ticket will be assigned to the appropriate technician based on the information provided. Students will receive support ticket notifications through their district email account.

    Please visit the Web Help Desk page on the district website for more information.