Discovery Education

  • Discovery Education (DEX) provides engaging digital resources to schools and homes with the goal of making educators more effective, increasing student achievement, and connecting classrooms and families to a world of learning. Both students and staff may log in to Discovery Education to view and use the extensive list of resources.

    Get ready for a whole new DEX Experience!

    DEX provides videos, images, audio files, virtual field trips, Spotlights on Strategies, and so much more.

    EASD Students and Staff now access Discovery Education through Clever.

    DEX Demo with IU13

    It was our pleasure to host Ken Zimmerman from IU13 for an hour-long webinar showing the updated DEX features available to students and staff through IU13 IMS resources.

    Ken showed how to search and filter for subject area and grade level specific content. He also showed how to save content for later use and then share out to students through DEX classes (see below for Schoology specific information).

    The Getting Started Guide to Virtual Learning will help with engagement in the continuity of learning while outside of the classroom.

    The Professional Learning Network is where to go for step-by-step guides and interactive courses to learn how to use DEX effectively.

    Click image to launch the webinar.

    Discovery Education Webinar with Ken Zimmerman


    Discovery Education in Schoology

    Discovery Education has an app in Schoology, however, it cannot be enabled due to the configuration requirements needed in Active Directory.

    Good news though!

    You can still share DEX with your students in Schoology by inserting the link to the resource.

    Teachers: To insert a link in Schoology to a DEX resource:

    • Log in to DEX and find a resource that you'd like to share with your students.
    • Click the Share button and copy the Share link.
    • Back in Schoology, click Add Materials and select Insert File/Link/External Tool. Paste in the link and enter a title. Select the sections where you'd like it shared.


    Discovery Education Share button






     Students: To access your teacher's DEX resources:

    • Students log in to DEX
    • Students will then click the link in your Schoology course and DEX will open to the resource within the Schoology window.
    • Before viewing it, students will need to log in to their DEX account if they aren't already logged in to DEX in that browser.


    Discovery Education login window


    DEX TechBooks Demo

    Learn how to use the DEX TechBooks
    View this 45 minute webinar showing how to use the Math, Science and Social Studies TechBooks in DEX.

    The TechBooks are based on the 5 "E" model of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate with your students.

    These modules are subscription based resources that are available for free now through June due to the school closures.

    Click image to launch the webinar.

    Discovery Education Techbooks Webinar

    What Can I Do with Discovery Education? - Watch the video to find out!