Chromebook Use during the Summer

  • beach, sunglasses, summer New for the Summer of 2020, students will be permitted to take their individually assigned district Chromebooks home for educational use and/or storage. Parents are encouraged to set usage guidelines for their students, such as when and how long they may be in use, and in which location in the house it may be used and stored.

    Filtering and Care

    District internet filtering will be in place throughout the summer months. Proper use and care practices are expected, but in the event that support is needed, students are asked to contact Technology Services. When storing, please be sure to charge the Chromebook to 35% before shutting down.

    Moving out of EASD

    If your student will not be enrolled in the Elizabethtown Area School District any longer, please return the Chromebook, power adapter and carry case to the High School office as soon as possible. 

    Instructional Uses

    When your student is using the Chromebook, encourage them to use it productively. Below is a list of websites to extend their learning. Students can create podcasts, make "pizza" music, view math tutorials, learn a new language or settle down with a good book. is the easiest way to make and publish a podcast. It's 100% free and they will help distribute and publish.

    Duolingo to learn another language.

    Edutopia compiled a list of 48 summer websites to keep kids (and teachers) engaged and productive this summer.

    Grove Pizza is a tool for creating grooves using math concepts like shapes, angles, and patterns. Begin with the "special" pizza presets and then add and/or remove toppings to adjust the groove. While you're there, check out many other Experiments with Google.

    Khan Academy offers practice exercises and instructional videos that empower learners to study at their own pace in subjects such as math, science, computer programming and more.

    Library of Congress: Become a virtual volunteer and transcribe, review and tag Library of Congress documents that will become a part of the libraries files forever. 

    Music Lab makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

    Overdrive is a free service offered by community libraries or schools that lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks anytime, anywhere. You must have a library card through the Elizabethtown Public Library (they're free!) to borrow books through Overdrive. Get started with Overdrive.

    Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites about Science, Tech, Engineering and Math.