Bear Creek School Teachers Love Room Parents
    "Sometimes the most ordinary things are made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people" is a quote I heard a while ago about room parents and it hasn't changed during my teaching career."
    - Todd Davis, 5th Grade S.T.E.M. Teacher
    "As teachers we love to have extra help in many ways. We appreciate that room parents help us to keep organized and "give" us the precious value of time that we often do not have in the school day. You get to meet other parents as you plan some of the fun activities throughout the school year."
    - Susan Kob, 4th Grade S.T.E.M. Teacher  
    Room Parents are WELCOMED and VALUED at Bear Creek School.  If you are interested in being your student's Room Parent, please reach out to the teacher directly. CLICK HERE for a school directory.
    Room parent responsibilities differ depending on the teacher's preferences.  However, if you would like additional ideas of ways you can assist your teacher, feel free to consult the following articles by PTO Today:
    Each Room Parent and Teacher has a specific budget of reimbursable funds to be used for supplies related to classroom activities.  Please review the attached form for instructions on how to be reimbursed.

    Room Parent and Teacher Allotment Reimbursement Procedures (DOWNLOADABLE FORM)
    PTO Reimbursement Form (DOWNLOADABLE FORM)