Elizabethtown Boys Volleyball 

    Head Coach: David Hoffmann (david_hoffmann@etownschools.org)
     Welcome to the Elizabethtown Area High School's volleyball website.
    This site is designed to promote better communication among the coaches, players, and parents of the volleyball program at all levels. This website can be used to find things like upcoming games, our core values and program guidelines, and contact information. Players and parents of both the varsity and the JV teams should check this site regularly. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact the coaching staff using the email address listed above. Thanks for your continued support our student athletes.

    2022 TEAM
    2022 Seniors
    LL League 2022 All-Star Second Team
    B. Murray
    Coaching Staff:
            JV Coach: 
    Volunteer Coaches:
            Bill O'Connell
            John Skocik
            Gene Tobias
    Please check ArbiterLive for the open gym schedule.