• The 10 Steps for Student Success

    1. Practice EVERY DAY!

    2. Set a specific practice goal - WRITE IT DOWN!

    3. Begin with the basics

    4. Focus on the TOUGH stuff

    5. Write it down! Helpful notes in your music are OKAY! 

    6. Slooooooooooow it down & use a metronome

    7. B-r-e-a-k it down chunk by chunk

    8. Use a metronome!!!!

    9. Practice AWAY from your instrument!


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    Practice Advice for PARENTS!

    It's hard to help if you don't exactly know what is going on so here are some tips for YOU as the parent to help your child succeed.

    1. Always encourage, especially in the beginning! It might not sound 'right' just yet, but it will with your positive encouragement!

    2. Help your child set a practice schedule in a place far away from distractions! Routine is key!

    3. Ask questions about what they're doing and have them teach you!

    4. Schedule regular 'concerts' or 'performances' for your child to showcase new skills.

    5. CONTACT ME if you feel like your child is becoming frustrated, I am always here to help.

    6. Treat practicing like it is homework at home!

    7. Encourage the use of YouTube! There are so many great videos to help your child or to keep them engaged!

    8.  Set up private lessons with another instructor outside of school to reinforce concepts.

    9. Stay positive, YOURSELF! It will be squeaky, but it gets better :)

    10. Record your child every now and again and throughout the years, listen to back to see how much they have grown!


    Stick with it!

    Before making the decision to call it quits, PLEASE call Miss Martin to discuss other options. I encourage you and your child to listen to this podcast that explains the benefits of music and some different perspective. If a child is discontinuing band due to financial considerations, please contact me - there are ways EASD can help! 

    Finally, please watch this video that shares the perspective of young and older adults who stayed in band...it is very enlightening!

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