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    Posted by Melissa Clark on 7/17/2019 6:00:00 AM

    Kindergarten Snack Information

                Students will be asked to bring a healthy snack to have while at kindergarten.   When possible,  we will take a break and enjoy snack outdoors.

    Please follow the guidelines to help us keep snack time manageable.


        *A good snack is packaged individually- one bag/snack per student.

        *A good snack can be handled independently by each child.  Please practice opening packages, or consider a reuseable container.

        *A good snack can be eaten in 5 to 8minutes with little mess.

        *A good (and preferred) snack is fruit or vegetables!

    *Snack must not contain nuts/tree nuts.


      Snack suggestions include

      apple slices         mini granola

        orange slices        veggie straws

                                                                               grapes                 cereal trail mix

                                                                               bananas               mini rice cakes

                                                                                string cheese                carrots                               

                                                                                popcorn           100% fruit snacks

                                                                                     celery sticks         pretzels



                To promote healthy habits, please do not send cookies, cupcakes, brownies, rice krispie treats.  

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