Honors Government & Economics Current Events Log
    Why is it important to study political and economic news?
     Why does it matter to be an informed citizen and an informed voter?
    "Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never vote for President. One hopes it is the same half."
    - Pulitzer-Prize-winning author and columnist Dave Barry

    The Assignment:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will have an in-class discussion on current events going on in the world around us and how it relates to our curriculum. Your task between those times will be to search national and international media outlets to find events of regions and global importance, complete a formal write-up of the article, and be prepared to present and discuss your article(s) with your peers in class among other requirements as well as "end of the week" Current Events quizzes.


    Requirements / Rubric (12th Grade Gov & Econ)
    (Stories of Political and Economic interest, both national & international)
    (*UPDATED w/ Digital Collage*)
    (*UPDATED w/ Editorial Analysis*)
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    How do I create a paperless Current Event Log?
    Upload a template & article from Mr H's site to Google Docs and create a digital Current Event Log
    Finalize your digital Current Event Log with a Google Doc folder to keep all your Current Event write-ups
    & documents organized and ready for final turn in at the end of the semester
    (Disclaimer: Be sure to include a copy of the article and share your Log with Mr H on the assigned due dates)



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    -Current Event Log Final Anaylsis Projects-

    Interactive Collages & Student Anaylsis via Google Sites & Voila! Collage


    As a wrap up to our semester long Current Event Log project, students in Mr H's Honors Government class developed original takes and anaylsis on the current state of political news and some of the topic national and political news stories they read about during the course of the semester by building a Google Site page complete with anaylsis breakdown as well as an interactive photo collage of some of the top political stories of the semester.


    To see a sample project developed by Mr H, click here

    To see some of our student creations via Wakelet, click here






    -Interesting Political Podcasts-
    Wanting to keep up to date of what is happening in the world of politics?
    TheDaily29292   The NPR Politics Podcast : NPR   The Takeout20928882   Powerhouse Politics on Apple Podcasts   The Argument By The New York Times — Primal Stream Media
        Into America | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts   We the People | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts   Start Here | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
    Up First : NPR       Reveal | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts   Today, Explained - Vox
    (Check out some of these great news / politics daily podcasts by clicking the image cover)
    Legitimate News Sources for Current Events

    The following websites are some of the acceptable Internet sources for finding current events for your log. If you have a question about any sources not on this list, feel free to ask Mr. H:


    Gov & Econ News Links


    The Associated Press Online


    CNN.com / Politics


    Spotlight-PA (PA Investigative Journalism)


    ABC Political News


    CBS Political News


    Pennsylvania Capital-Star


    Reuters.com / Politics


    USA Today.com / Politics


    "Times Magazine" Politics Section


    "The New York Times" Politics Section


    "The Politico" Politics Section