• Reclassification of English Learners

    Why is this important?

    Once ELs attain English proficiency as defined in the state reclassification procedure, they must be reclassified as former ELs. The academic progress of former ELs must be actively monitored by district personnel for a period of two (2) years after reclassification. 

    An EL must demonstrate the ability to access challenging academic content and interact with other students and teachers both academically and socially in an English language setting in order to be considered for reclassification. Evidence of this ability is demonstrated by the student on the annual English language proficiency assessment, ACCESS for ELLs®, and gathered by teachers using standardized language use inventories

    A link to the language use inventories is here, which includes appendix pages 16 - 19 to assist teachers who may need further clarification to distinguish between low, moderate, and high levels of proficiency. 

    Procedures for Content Teachers:

    How do I get started?

    Please use the link here to access the Reclassification Tool developed by PDE. The ELD staff will share the password with you, so you may access this material.

    Click on 'Home' to read about the language inventories and how your data will be used to determine reclassification eligibilility.

    Click on 'Training Introduction' for information on how to collect the needed evidence for completing the rubrics. 

    Click on 'Documents' to access the state reclassification document and WIDA materials to enhance understanding of language proficiency levels in all language domains -- receptive (reading and listening) and productive (speaking and writing).

    Click on 'Grade Bands' to select the grade range of the student you are evaluating. This training tool is designed to help content teachers distinguish between 'moderate' and 'high' performance descriptors by providing brief videos of interactions between an ELD teacher and two students -- a high proficient and a moderate proficient student. 

    The ELD teacher will collect your language inventories and use them to finalize the online reclassification tool and cover sheets in preparation for the release of ACCESS scores.

    Optional but recommended: Please consider providing 'Feedback', so that PDE can evaluate the effectiveness of its online training tool for content teachers. The tool was first released in October of 2018. 

    Please contact the English Language Development (ELD) teacher for further collaboration as needed and submit the language inventories to her by the due date.