Pennsylvania History Class Blog Project
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    The Assignment:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday, Mr H likes to start off the period with an in-class discussion on current events going on in our state, county, and local communities and how there events relate back to our curriculum or what we have been studying. Your task between those times will be to build and maintain an ongoing class blog on news, current events, and historical discussions from our look at state and local history. This will be an assignment done both inside and outside of class with help and direction from Mr H as well as a twice a semester collection for review and grading purposes. Blogs should be built using the free Blogger account (Google's online blogging tool) provided to students through their etownstudent.org / Google accounts.

    Requirements / Rubric (PA History)
    (Stories of local & state-wide interest, helping us to better understand the state we live in)
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Past in-class journal entries are listed below: