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    This course is designed to foster a deeper interest and respect for the most basic aspect of the American story for Etown students - the history of Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, and the local Elizabethtown community. During the course of the semester, students will study how Pennsylvania and their local communities played an instrumental role and were influenced by the many chapters of American history - many of which they investigated and learned about during the studies of US History. Specifial emphasis will be placed on the cultural, political, geographic, and current events that also help to define Pennsylvania from the rest of the United States as well as what unique historical contributions help to make Lancaster County and Elizabethtown a unique and interesting place within our home state. Special emphasis will also be given to original student-led projects and individual research that focuses on a unique aspect of Pennsylvania or local history.
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    While there are no official prerequisites for the Pennsylvania History elective, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you consider the following before you decide to take this course:
    • It is recommended that students taking this course have a personal interest in history or social studies, particularly American history of all kinds. Both Honors and On-Level students are welcome. 
    • It is recommended that students have an interest in historical research, since this will be a focus of the course.
    • It is recommended that students have good organization and time-management skills with a strong academic work ethic.
    • A minimum or above average score on the Reading / Writing Keystone standardized exams prior to taking this course is also recommended

    Your previous semester history teachers will have made a recommendation to your counselor as to whether or not this elective may be a good fit for you as a student. Please consider this recommendation carefully during the course selection process.



    syllabus Pennsylvania History Elective Syllabus (*UPDATED*)



    Why Study Local History? What Makes it Engaging for Students?

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    Course Units We Will Be Looking at this Semester:









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    Feel free to Download our new digital walking tour of Etown's history!!!

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    Etown Historical Walking Tour
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    Special thanks to Map Hub for helping to create this wonderful digital memorial to our coummunity's vets!


    (To learn more about Lt. Reem's story, check out the Tales of Honor Podcast below)

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    - Course Final Project -


    Development of a National History Day Project

    on a State / Local History Topic of Student's Choice

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