• Classes

    Both 7th and 8th grade Technology and Engineering classes meet every other day for a semester. The classes are set up to introduce students to the engineering design process and to classes they could take in high school. The middle school level is a great place to see if you like an area or not. If you discover that you like it, then you can take more in the high school. If you don't like it, then, don't take more in the high school. The subjects covered are selected to align with National and State Academic Standards as well as being relevant to skills the students will need in their future.

    7th Grade Technology and Engineering covers construction technology, prototype design and a design challenge.

    • The students will design a pattern for a wood project. They will use hand tools and power tools to create that project. They will also use a CNC router to engrave something in their project.
    • The students will use Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software to design a prototype. Their prototype will be printed on a 3D printer. Students will test their prototype to see if it meets the design parameters and solves the problem.
    • Students will work in group to create a solution to an engineering design challenge. Their group will present their solution to the class.

    8th Grade Technology and Engineering covers communication technology.

    • Students will work with a partner to use a systems approach when they program and troubleshoot a robot so it will, hopefully, perform the desired task.
    • Students will learn graphic art and coding to design their own computer game.