• Summer Orchestra Camp


    Congratulations to all students who participated in the Summer 2019 Orchestra Camp! It is awesome to have so many students interested in learning to play their instrument (or learning new things about it!) during the summer! Due to COVID-19, the annual Bear Creek Summer 2020 Orchestra Camp has been cancelled. Mr. McLaughlin is already looking forward to working with students at the beginning of the school year.

    Each summer, all current and prospective Bear Creek Orchestra Students are invited to sign up for the Summer Orchestra Camp with Mr. McLaughlin. Summer Orchestra Camp will typically take place during the last two weeks of summer vacation. During these dates, there will be several sessions culminating with an evening student recital. 

    For BEGINNERS, this is a great opportunity to start your child's instruction before their lessons begin in the fall. Students who are involved in the camp will be given instruction in the techniques that are most valuable when beginning to play a string instrument. They will definitely be able to start the school year "ahead of the game". For INTERMEDIATE/ ADVANCED students, this will be a terrific way to “ease” back into playing after the change of schedule during the summer.

    As a reminder, all students using school-owned instruments are permitted to keep them throughout the summer for practice purposes, and so that students can participate in one or more summer music program.


    **Beginning students requesting to use a school-owned instruments for the summer orchestra camp will be provided with their instrument on the first day of the summer program.

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