Parent/Guardian FAQ

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    Q: How can I learn more about the District's One to One (1:1)/Personalized Learning Program?

    A: Below are the ways to learn more about the 1:1/Personalized Learning program:

    • Website - this website has been developed for both parents and students to look around and familiarize themselves with the various details of this multi-faceted initiative.

    • FAQs below have been included to address common questions. 

    Q: What is the district's 1:1/Personalized Learning initiative program?

    A: It is a District program to provide students with a District-owned device as a tool to help integrate new instructional strategies in order to integrate 21st century learning skills in the classroom.

    Q: What are some of the benefits/highlights of the 1:1/Personalized Learning Program?

    • To promote an environment where students have access to anytime-anywhere learning.

    • To equip teachers with tools necessary to differentiate instruction for personalized learning.

    • To prepare students with essential digital literacy skills needed to compete in a global marketplace.

    • To provide for deeper learning opportunities that reach beyond a traditional classroom setting.

    • To encourage and motivate students to think critically and apply 21st Century Learning Skills needed for real-world innovation.

    • To cultivate self-directed life-long learning, responsibility, and collaboration using digital communication and productivity tools.

     Q: How will the 1:1/Personalized Learning program help my child academically?

    A: Preliminary educational research shows that when students effectively use computer devices in the classroom, students are provided with deeper learning experiences and are more effectively able to apply 21st Century Learning Skills. To compete in our global economy and equip our students for postsecondary education, the District needs to provide a learning environment that integrates today’s digital tools, accommodates mobile lifestyles, and encourages students to work collaboratively in team environments. Through providing this learning environment, we will meet these globally competitive demands which will allow students to manage their own learning at any time and any location. This program is designed to enhance current teaching/instructional strategies through the effective use of technology and 21st Century teaching methods.

    Q: When will my child receive the District-issued device?

    A: Students in grades three through twelve who have been designated to receive new devices will receive their Chromebooks and accessories on select distribution days in July or August. A packet outlining procedures and guidelines will be provided at that time.

    Q: Will my child be issued a carrying case?

    A: Yes. Students must use the case that the District has purchased. The District has researched many carrying cases and has found that the one provided is the best at minimizing damage.

    Q: Can my child personalize the District provided Chromebook and/or carry case?

    A: No. Students are not permitted to personalize the Chromebook or carry case. Devices or carrying cases that have pencil/pen/magic marker writing on them, stickers or other markings on them will be viewed as vandalism. There will be an associated cost to restore the laptop to the original condition if marked up intentionally.

    Q: Who owns the District device?

    A: The Elizabethtown Area School District owns the District device and accessories. It is therefore very important that students take good care of it, leave the tags/labels in place, don't damage or write on it.

    Q: Is my child permitted to take the District device home?

    A: Students are permitted to take the device home as this promotes the many instructional advantages of the 1:1/Personalized Learning initiative.

    Q: Can my child access the Internet at home with the District device?

    A: You may use the device at home and access your home Internet in support of academics. There is a web filter installed, however; parents should not rely on the filter as a catch all for inappropriate content. The same filtering measures that are in place at school are identical to those applied when the student is using the device at home.

    Q: Can my child access a printer at home with the District device?

    A: There will be no printing available from the Chromebooks at school. The district, however, does not set any limitations in place for student printing at home, so students may print while on a home WiFi network. Neither teachers nor EASD Technology Services staff will provide support when setting up a home printer. Please note that the ChromeOS does not support all printers.

    Q: What do I do if my child's District device doesn't work or is damaged?

    A: Please report to the Technology Department as soon as possible. It’s important not to delay as problems can escalate if not solved right away. If your computer is damaged, we will evaluate the damage and determine what is necessary for proper operation. If repair is needed, we will fix it. If it needs to be repaired, we will make every effort to loan you a device to use until it's returned. Under no circumstances should you or anyone else take the device to a third party to try to fix. District provided laptops are the property of the school district and district personnel will fix related problems.

    Q: How should the device be handled?

    A: It is important to close the Chromebook whenever your child is moving with the device. The hinge can become damaged if your child carries it when open. Please use the District provided carry case when transporting the device as the risk of tripping or dropping the computer is increased if you don't have it in the protective case.

    Q: Are there any additional student responsibilities when the District device is brought home?

    A: Students should remember to plug the device in overnight to ensure a fully charged battery when coming to school. Students will be responsible if the device is not ready for class every day.

    Q: How long will my child keep the District device?

    A: The device is your child's to use during the school year. Prior to the beginning of summer, the Tech Services Department will collect only the student devices that have been designated as end of life. Those students will be notified by their building administration that their devices need to be turned in on specific collection dates and locations. That summer, only those students and all incoming third grade students, will receive a new District device for their instructional use.