Digital Citizenship

  • dig_citizen The Elizabethtown Area School District community works together to promote positive digital citizenship by responsibly, safely, and lawfully using technology in the classroom to enhance instruction, creativity, and learning.

    Behave ethically and respect copyright laws. Give credit where credit is due and do not post photographs or other content unless you have the legal right to do so.

    Engage in appropriate online activities. Communication between students and staff should only be conducted via district email and classroom applications. Private communication via social media is discouraged. Abide by the District Acceptable Use Policy.

    Act professionally. The 1st Amendment guarantees the right to free speech; however, that does not protect hateful, threatening, or deliberately untrue statements. Everyone should remember that everything posted online leaves a digital footprint that will follow you throughout your life and may be seen by future employers and educational institutions. Members of the district should realize that there is no expectation of privacy for district accounts and content is archived and may be monitored if the need arises.

    Represent yourself and your school proudly. Think carefully about what you post and behave online in a way that reflects well on you as well as the district. 

    Safeguard your privacy and that of others. Students and staff should not take pictures of others nor post photos or videos to social media without their permission. Teachers should never post classroom photos to personal social media accounts. Periodically check the settings on your personal social media accounts to be sure you are not disclosing personal information such as phone numbers, home address, or email address. Only interact online with people you know and trust and do not share personal information with strangers.