Use and Care

  • checklist Through the 1:1/Personalized Learning program, Chromebooks are provided to students for educational purposes but remain the property of the Elizabethtown Area School District.  All students are responsible for the care and security of their device and should follow the best practices guidelines listed below:

    General Guidelines:

    • Students are required to bring their Chromebook to school every day fully charged and ready for use.
    • Always use the Chromebook on a flat, clean surface to insure proper ventilation and to avoid overheating and the possibility of debris entering the machine.  Fan vents must be left clear.
    • Never eat or drink while using your Chromebook and keep the device away from any source of liquid.
    • Decorating, defacing, and altering of EASD Chromebooks is prohibited.  This includes attaching stickers and labels or writing, drawing, painting, or engraving any surface of the device.
    • Chromebook must not be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, direct sunlight, or ultraviolet light for extended periods of time.  Do not leave the device in a car for any length of time.  If the Chromebook should get very cold or hot, let the device reach room temperature before using it.
    • Leave all EASD labels on the devise untouched.
    • Abide by the district Acceptable Use Policy.

    Transporting Chromebooks:

    • Always transport your Chromebook in the supplied carrying case.
    • When moving around a classroom, close the lid and hold the base of the device with two hands.
    • Remove charging cords, USB flash drives, earphones, etc. before transporting Chromebook or storing in case.
    • Do not cram the device into a bag loaded with books and other items as these may damage the Chromebook. Instead, use the provided carry case.

    Charging the device:

    • Charge your Chromebook every night to be sure it is ready for school the next day.
    • Protect the power adapter and Chromebook by carefully inserting and removing the charging cord being sure to hold onto the plug end—never pull on the cord.
    • Charge the device in a safe place where no one can trip over the cord.
    • Make sure pets do not chew on the charging cord.
    • Store charging cord carefully in carrying case or a safe spot at home when not in use.
    • Damage to the power cord should be reported immediately.

    Screen Care and Cleaning:

        Take special care of the Chromebook screen.

    • Never put weight on top of the Chromebook as this may crack the screen.  This includes leaning on the lid of the device or piling books on top of it.
    • Do not put anything between the keyboard and lid before closing.
    • Do not touch the screen with any object that could mark or scratch the surface.
    • Do not pick up the Chromebook by the screen.

        Students may use simple measures to keep Chromebooks clean.

    • Always shut the device down before cleaning.
    • Use a soft, dry, microfiber or anti-static cloth to clean the device.  
    • Never use any liquids, sprays, or wet cloths.  
    • Taking time to wash your hands before using the device will help keep it clean.

    Peripheral Devices:

    • Be careful inserting flash drives, earphones, charges, etc. into the ports on the Chromebook.
    • Never leave peripheral devices attached when not in use.
    • Students may use their own headphones or earbuds with the Chromebook; however, the district will not supply these items.

    Storing and Security:

    • Students are responsible for their device.  Chromebooks should never be used by anyone but the assigned student.
    • Keep your district password safe and never share it.
    • Do not leave your Chromebook unattended.  During the school day, Chromebooks should be locked in a designated classroom or student locker when not in student possession.
    • At home, keep Chromebook in a safe location.  Do not leave the device in a car.
    • If your Chromebook should be lost or stolen, it must be reported to the school office as soon as possible.  Please click here for procedures to be followed in the event of loss.

    Damage and Repair:

    • Never attempt to repair a district device on your own.  All issues should be reported to the technology department for troubleshooting and repair.
    • A limited number of loaner Chromebooks will be available for student use when an assigned device is being serviced.
    • Please click here for full details on student responsibility for insurance coverage and repair costs.