Comprehensive Plan

  • Every student graduates ready to live, learn, and thrive in a global community
    The comprehensive plan serves as the road map for the school district and guides our decision-making in all aspects of operations including educational programming, community engagement, stewardship of taxpayer money and accountability. The Pennsylvania Department of Education, through its Chapter 4 regulations on curriculum, requires every school district in the Commonwealth to develop and submit a comprensive plan.

    With our plan, we continue to commit to a challenging goal centered around student learning, achievement, and growth. We define up front our Vital Signs of student learning, so that we can monitor progress toward our goal. In this Comprehensive Plan we continue to adhere to six essentials (standards aligned consistent instruction; data driven continuous improvement; results focused professional learning; safe climate for learning and work; strong relationships with families and community; and high expectations for ALL) to provide a consistent framework for our work and our decisions. These six essentials are the capabilities we need and must develop to make the promise of our Comprehensive Plan be a reality for our students. Our multiyear plan was reviewed, refined and developed by a representative team of various Elizabethtown stakeholder groups. This plan continues to be grounded in our district’s Shared Values. Our Comprehensive Plan continues our pursuit of providing a quality, balanced education for all students in the Elizabethtown Area School District.