• Responsible Use Policies and Procedures:

    policies As the Elizabethtown Area School District embarks on the journey to enrich learning experiences, students are encouraged to use District resources such as computers, software, email, and the Internet for educational or school-related activities and for the exchange of useful information.  Each device is the property of the District and is to be used solely by the student to which it is issued for academic pursuits.  

    EASD Policies:

    • Policy No. 224 - Care of School Property

      This is a summary of the board policy. For the full policy, click the link above. The Board policy places responsibility on each student for the proper care of school property, school supplies, and equipment entrusted to their use. This includes the responsibilities of cleaning, proper use, and security of devices under their care. Students who willfully cause damage to school property or equipment shall be subject to disciplinary measures. Parents/Guardians or responsible parties shall make restitution for any school property lost, stolen, or damaged at the replacement cost of such property if their child fails to exercise a reasonable standard of care for this equipment.

    • Policy No. 815 - Acceptable Use of Internet, Computers and Network Resources

      This is a summary of the board policy. For the full policy, click the link above. Elizabethtown's Acceptable Use Policy is designed to protect students, teachers, and the District. This policy states that technology is to be used only for instructional purposes in support of curricular objectives. All staff and students should use technology in a manner that is appropriate, ethical, and legal. Staff members are to monitor student use of technology and teach them to utilize it appropriately, ethically, and legally.

      As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Elizabethtown has in place technology protection measures designed to block Internet material deemed to be obscene or harmful, both on and off campus. These measures are smart and dynamic but not foolproof. The following categories of websites will be blocked: Pornography, Drugs, Gambling, Other Adult Content, Social Media, Anonymous Proxys, Chat/Messaging, Web Mail, Hate Speech, Streaming Media, and Games. Staff, students or parents should report any inappropriate content to the Technology Department if content is miscategorized and bypasses the filtering systems. Staff or students should have no expectations of privacy when using Elizabethtown's equipment or resources, either on or off campus. For additional information on Filtering and Internet Safety, click here.

    Personal Electronic Devices

    The Board prohibits the use of data devices by students except for instructional use as directed by the teacher or administrator. Students are prohibited from using any electronic device that can take photographs or record audio or video except for instructional use directed by the teacher or administrator. The district shall not be liable for the loss, damage, or misuse of any personal electronic device brought to school by a student.

    Disciplinary Measures

    Students receive a disciplinary incident/referral for, but not limited to, any of the following:

    • Failing to comply with rules & procedures
    • Causing harm or damage to the computer in any way
    • Leaving their computer unattended
    • Having food and/or drink around the computer
    • Writing, drawing, adding stickers, applying labels, or defacing the computer in any way
    • Swapping or sharing computers
    • Bullying others via the school computer
    • Using the school-issued computer to make threats
    • Neglecting to transport computer in the school-issued computer bag
    • Placing textbooks or other items in the computer bag with the device
    • Mishandling the computer
    • Not taking care of the screen
    • Setting an inappropriate background or avatar
    • Failing to bring the laptop to school
    • Creating, downloading, or accessing inappropriate content on the computer
    • Removing ID tags/stickers
    • Attempting to breach school filtering and security measures

    Consequences for Computer Violations:

    The following consequences will be given to students who receive a computer violation. Depending on the nature and severity of the computer violation (ex: bullying, inappropriate content, etc.), students may receive multiple disciplinary consequences.

      • First Time – Student receives a Teacher Warning, which will be documented in Sapphire.
      • Second Time – Student receives a Lunch Restriction
      • Third Time – Student receives three days of Lunch Restriction
      • Fourth Time- Student receives an Administrative Detention.
      • Fifth Time-Student receives one day of ISS from Administration.
      • Sixth Time-Teachers, student, parent(s), and Administration will develop an Improvement Plan for the student.

    **The administration will have final interpretation and enforcement of the computer rules, violations, and subsequent disciplinary consequences.