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  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook image A Chromebook device will provide each student access to instructional materials needed for educational success. The Chromebook will allow students access to the district's Sapphire Student Information System (SIS), Schoology Learning Management System, Google Workspace for Education, educational web-based tools, as well as many other relevant instructional resources.  The Chromebook device is an educational tool intended for instructional purposes and not online gaming, social networking and/or music/media entertainment streaming. The focus and emphasis on providing devices to students falls squarely on leveraging the best use of technology to enhance instructional excellence. 

    Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system developed by Google. The device is a web-based unit designed to function best with a connection to the Internet. Traditional software is not installed on a Chromebook; instead, applications are accessed and run from the Chrome web browser. For more information on Chromebooks, check out this short video from Google:

    Chromebooks run the Chrome operating system, Google Workspace for Education, and Chrome Web Store applications--the elements behind the collaborative educational experience associated with Chromebooks. It's easy to create, share, and collaborate with G Suite apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and to stay synced across multiple devices. Students can access data, photos, and apps stored in the Google Cloud from the Chromebook. Its anti-glare technology reduces eye strain, so students can use Chromebooks longer. Other features include:

    • Lightweight design for easy portability

    • Connection to a WiFi network in seconds upon startup.

    • Batteries designed to last throughout the school day.  A power cable will be provided for charging the Chromebook at home.

    • Runs without storing work to a hard drive so no content is lost--files are stored in the cloud using the GSuite for Education tools.
    • Automatic updates at startup guaranteeing the latest version of the Chrome OS.  There is no need for software installations, updates, or re-imaging.  You must shut down and restart your Chromebook periodically in order for updates to occur.

    • Built-in virus protection.

    Please note: Students will be required to use the school district issued laptop. Using the provided device is necessary to ensure that all students have a computer that is configured for the best performing and most reliable network capability needed in their various classes and coursework. For this reason, other computers and mobile devices will not be permitted to access the EASD network.

    Chrome Browser

    Chrome is a web browser, similar to Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Safari. Chrome is the only browser available on a Chromebook and serves as the primary gateway for accessing the internet. The Chrome browser also provides access to additional extensions and apps, which customize and enhance individual user needs. For more information about Chrome, check out the Chrome Help Center.

    Chromebook Identification

    Student Chromebooks will be labeled in the manner specified by the district. Devices will be identified by the unique asset tag, serial number, and student ID label. Chromebook use and care are the responsibility of the student but remain the property of the Elizabethtown Area School District. The asset tag and identification labels should be kept on the Chromebook at all times. Issues involving lost tags or labels should be reported to Technology Services by submitting a support ticket through Web Help Desk.

    Logging In

    Student login and access to the Chromebook are limited to the EASD district username and password accounts. Personal Google accounts will not work on EASD Chromebooks. Students only need to enter their district username, “” is already populated.

    Google Workspace for Education

    Google Drive stores files created using the Google Workspace office productivity software (Docs, Slides, Drawings, Sheets, Forms, and more). Google Workspace lets you create different kinds of online documents, work on them in real time with other people, and store your documents and your other files online providing accessibility through any Internet connected device.  All file types can be stored online in Google Drive; however, only files that can be opened with a Google Workspace app can be edited on a Chromebook.

    Offline Access

    While Chromebook use primarily occurs when connected to the Internet through a WiFi network, offline access to your Google Drive files is also available. Users must first select the specific setting in Google Drive that allows offline access.  Click here for more information on setting up offline access.

    Installing Apps and Extensions on Chromebooks

    Various apps and extensions that enhance instructional functionality will be pushed out automatically to the Chromebook devices.  Students may wish to also install additional apps through the Chrome Web Store from a list of district-approved resources.  To find the district list, visit the Chrome Web Store and click on "For" in the left menu. Please note that you must be logged in to a Chromebook with an etownstudents account to see the offerings.

    List of force-installed apps

    Carry Cases

    There is an expectation that all students will carry their district-assigned devices home. Integral to managing the cost of this initiative is safeguarding the devices by issuing a protective case.  This case has an extra layer of protection on the inside that helps protect the Chromebook from damage during transportation to and from school. We require all students to use this bag instead of any personal bag or backpack.

    The carry case will contain the student's ID label and has a front pocket to carry the Chromebook power cord. We recommend the cable be left at home in a safe place so that students can fully charge the device each night. The fully charged battery should sufficiently last the entire school day.

    Chromebook Keyboard

    While the Chromebook keyboard is similar to most laptop keyboards, there are a few differences. The following picture shows what some of the special buttons do on the Chromebook keyboard.

    Chromebook Keyboard description


    There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can be used on the Chromebooks to make simple tasks easier and more efficient. Below is a list of those that are most common:

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    View a complete list of shortcuts here.