Filtering / Internet Safety

  • The Elizabethtown Area School District is committed to protecting students using the Internet from accessing obscene and/or pornographic material and other verbal and visual depictions deemed harmful to minors (as defined by the Children's Internet Protection Act).  The district uses afiltering n Internet content filter from Securly to prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites and materials. As a cloud-based web-filtering solution designed for K–12 schools in the US, the Securly filter functions both on and off campus. In other words, the same filtering measures used at school are identical to those applied when students are accessing the Internet off campus. Through this filtering approach, the district also forces the use of Google Safe Search, a feature from Google that provides an extra layer of filtering protection while using the Google Search tool.

    The district network is equipped with technology screening measures that help ensure students are protected from inappropriate online content.  In addition to these technology approaches, all students are educated in digital citizenship and appropriate online behavior. While the district cannot guarantee that its web filter will block all inappropriate content, it does take student online activity seriously and continues to work towards the safest online experience possible.

    The following categories have been configured within Securly to filter inappropriate content: Pornography, Drugs, Gambling, Other Adult Content, Social Media, Anonymous Proxys, Chat/Messaging, Web Mail, Hate Speech, Streaming Media, and Games.  Staff, students, and parents should contact the Technology Department to report any inappropriate content that may bypass the filtering system. The district monitors the use of technology; therefore, staff and students should have no expectations of privacy when using Elizabethtown Area School District equipment, applications, or resources either on or off campus.

    Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)

    In order for the Elizabethtown Area School District (EASD) to pro­vide stu­dents with the safest and most effec­tive web-based tools/appli­ca­tions for learn­ing, we abide by fed­eral reg­u­la­tions that provide awareness of the following: 

    EASD uti­lizes sev­eral com­puter soft­ware appli­ca­tions and web-based ser­vices, oper­ated not by EASD, but by third par­ty companies.  In order for our stu­dents to use these instructional pro­grams and ser­vices, cer­tain per­sonal infor­ma­tion, gen­er­ally the student’s name, username or user ID, must be pro­vided for login and access to content purposes. All of the web resources are carefully selected by EASD for their educational value and are intended to enhance the learning process. Click here for a list of websites through third party companies that are selected for student use at EASD.

    Parent Resources for Internet Safety

    EASD strives to provide a learning environment that integrates today’s digital tools, accommodates mobile lifestyles, and encourages students to work collaboratively in team environments. Through providing this learning environment, we will meet these demands which will allow students to manage their learning at any time and any location. However, the Internet is not the place for an all-access pass. Students of all ages need supervision. The district takes every precaution to ensure students are using the Internet safely. We also work to partner with parents knowing they can also take steps to safeguard students when at home. Below is a list of reference information about cyberbullying and online safety

    • Common Sense Media: Advice for Parents: Videos on a wide range of topics that will help parents understand use of a cell phone, texting, YouTube, and many other topics.

    •  An overview of this phenomenon and practical guidance on prevention, detection of a cyber bully, and intervention.

    • NetSmartz for Parents: Keeping Kids and Teens Safer on the Internet: Videos and activity cards to empower children and teens by educating them about the potential dangers online. Sections are devoted to kids, teens, parents, and others. Provides access to videos about real life experiences and cyberbullying, games, activities, and Internet safety raps to learn. New initiative for "UYN" (Use Your NetSmartz) for an easy way to remember online safety rules.