Suite 360

  • The Elizabethtown Area School District is pleased to announce a partnership with Evolution Labs and its Suite 360 online student wellness platform. The District will use Suite 360 at the secondary level (grades 7-9) as part of its continued pursuit of a safe environment that is conducive to student learning.

    Suite 360 will help students, parents, staff, coaches, and administrators navigate a range of issues related to online bullying, character development, social competence, tactical parent support, emotional wellness, restorative justice, and other areas. Suite 360 has been used across the country at the collegiate level for years and is now becoming a leading tool at the secondary level for climate and culture building. Our goal in partnering with Evolution Labs is to support students in their continued pursuit of leading healthy lifestyles and maintaining emotional resiliency.

    Suite 360 will empower students to be advocates for their own wellness. It will provide a toolkit of online modules for students that connect to our current risk factors as identified by the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) and other relevant issues and challenges facing today’s adolescents. PAYS is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and assesses risk factors that are related to these behaviors and the protective factors that help guard against them. PAYS is administered every other year to our students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12.

    To encourage parents/guardians to join the conversation and actively partner with their kids, the District will also make use of P360. The parent program (P360) will help parents better understand social and emotional learning and character development so they may better identify and correct risk behaviors, becoming the best possible ally for the school. Participation by both students and parents will be voluntary.

    Both the student and parent platforms use highly interactive content, including robust, professionally-developed short topics, videos, “heuristic” learning modules and self-tests, pre- and post-assessments, surveys, and other programming, delivered throughout the year that parallel the real-life issues students (and parents) face. Students and parents will have access to the program by downloading an app or via a mobile-optimized website.

    CLICK HERE to access the Suite360 and P360 websites. If you need log in information, please contact Christine Sklareski at