• Schoology icon Schoology (pronounced School-ogy) is a learning management system for educators and students designed as a home for all course materials in one place, much like a class notebook. 

    Schoology was created by college students who realized the need for a system that would enhance learning in the education setting.

    Through Schoology, teachers build courses and add course materials, including resources like text, articles, images, and videos. Teachers enhance the materials through discussions, assignment submissions, tests and quizzes.

    Schoology is now in use at the Middle School, the High School, and in grades 4 and 5 at Bear Creek School. Teachers in Grade 3 will be introduced to teaching with Schoology throughout this school year to prepare for using it next year (22-23). 

    • Teachers learn how to use Schoology here by going through the EASD Schoology Beginner course.
    • Students visit the Student page for instructions for using Schoology.
    • Parents can create accounts in Schoology to view student's daily classwork and grades.

    **Please note: All teachers and students log in to Schoology at


    Teachers click here for End of Year Instructions