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3D Modeling

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Design Brief:
A toy company has hired you to design a CO2-powered scale model of a vehicle. Your vehicle design can represent an existing model or a new model based from an existing model. The design of your vehicle must fit within the parameters outlined in the rubric. A Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program will be used to design the 3D model.

Below is an example of a 3D modeling project to help you draw your sketch. The first picture shows the sketch that was done during the planning for the truck model. The second picture shows what the truck looked like after it was drawn on the computer. You can click on a picture to see a larger version.
truck sketchOrtho example

Use the following links to plan out your vehicle:
3D Modeling Rubric

Orthographic Drawing Handout (used to sketch your car)

www.idcow.com is a good site to see the side view of different vehicles.
  1. Find a side view online of the vehicle you want to draw.
  2. Right click on the image and click on copy image.
  3. Open OpenOffice - Drawing and paste the image.
  4. Right click on the image and click on Flip - Horizontally.
  5. Crop the image so that you just see the car. Crop to the bottom of the car because we will be drawing our own wheels.
  6. Right click on the image and click on Position and Size. Change the height to 1.70" and check that the width is not longer than 6.50".
  7. Print out the image.
  8. Use scissors to cut out the actual car (not a box).
  9. Trace the car image on the Orthographic Drawing Handout. Make sure the bottom of the image is on the bottom line in the side view. Make sure the back of the image is on the back line of the side view.
  10. Use scissors to cut out the wheels on the Orthographic Drawing Handout.
  11. Use the wheel cutouts to trace the wheels on the side view and the bottom view of your vehicle. Make sure the axle is 10 mm from the bottom of your vehicle in the side view.
  12. Use the grid lines to measure how far each axle is from the back of the car. Each grid line represents 5mm. Write the measurement for the axle under the wheel.
Ortho Example

Inventor for Free
If you like what we do in class, you can download the same software for free at home. The Autodesk Education Community is a web site where you can download software from Autodesk if you are a student at EASD. Most of their software will only run on a PC. They have more software on their site than we use in class so you can explore other programs.

Getting your own F1 Body Blank
If you want me to cut out the 3D model that you created in class, you can buy your own F1 Body Blank from HITech Inc or PITSCO. You will have to order the F1 Body Blank, have it shipped to your house and then you can bring it to me. I can cut out your car anytime during the school year. You do not have to order any axles or wheels unless you want special axles or wheels.

You can buy a body blank online from HITech Inc (888-299-2393) at http://www.hitechinc.us/online-store.html under F1 in School Consumables

or you can get a body blank from PITSCO (800-835-0686) at  PITSCO online.