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g clef2nd Grade Musicg clef

Welcome to the second grade music webpage. Below you will find some fun activities that you can do at home, as well as some reminders of upcoming activities we will be doing in music class. Don't forget to visit the fun music links webpage to find some fun music games.

Currently In Music Class...

Review of Quarter Note, Eighth Notes in Pairs, Quarter Rest

 Review of mi, sol, la
pencil cello

Call and Response, bar lines, double bar lines,
repeat signs, grouping Beats based on the Time Signature

Songs to Sing:

Bow Wow Wow
Hey Betty Martin
Knock the Cymbals
Pizza Pizza Daddy-o 
Bell Horses
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Little Leaves are Falling
I Had a Dog
King's Land
Poems to Say:
Greeting Poem


blue Pencil
Ideas for Home Music Practice... blue pencil
  • Sing a song you learned in music class for your family or a friend.
  • Listen to music on the radio and practice the steady beat patterns.
  • Read poetry...does it sound like it uses Ta, Ti-ti, and rest?
  • Make up a song using Mi, Sol and La... can you show the hand signs too?