Post Prom
Post Prom is an evening filled with a variety of activities, swimming, fun, and food that is sponsored and organized by a team of local parents. The event is designed to keep students safe after the prom and is open to all Elizabethtown Area High School juniors and seniors regardless of whether they attend the prom or not.  It is open to all juniors and seniors, whether they attend Prom or not.Post Prom Logo
Post Prom: Where and When?
Who can attend Post Prom?
Any Elizabethtown Area High School junior or senior, regardless of whether they attended the prom or not, is invited to attend the Post Prom. In addition, approved guests who attended the prom are invited to attend as well. ALL STUDENTS (and approved guests) will need to submit a parent-signed waiver to attend and purchase a ticket for $10.
What do I need to do to attend the Post Prom?
Purchase a ticket for $10. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, April 25 in the school lobby and continue through Friday, April 27 from 7:30 a.m. til the start of classes.  In order to receive your tickets, they must be paid for in advance and you must submit the parent-signed waiver.
Is the Post Prom sponsored by the Elizabethtown Area School District?
No. A group of more than 20 dedicated parents and community members is coordinating the Post Prom and the EASD fully supports this community initiative. For Post Prom to be successful, many volunteers are needed. If you are interested in helping out in any capacity or making a donation to help offset the costs and keep the prize minimal for students, feel free to inquire by clicking on the link below and entering your contact information in the appropriate fields. A member of the committee will be in touch.
Swimming Pool Included!!!
Swimming Pool