Bear Creek School

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“You can count on him.” “You can TRUST her.” Is there any higher compliment? That one quality,TRUST is the hardest thing in the world to EARN, and the fastest thing in the world to LOSE.  Students who have earned a reputation for trustworthiness have WORKED at it.  It is not an attribute that can be assigned on the basis of one test, one project, or one incident.  Trust is the culmination of many experiences where the student’s shining integrity has shown through, often in very difficult situations and trials.  Trust means that you feel the student is honest and will not lie, cheat or steal from you.  It also means that you can count on them to do as promised and that they are reliable.  Finally, trust in a person means that you feel he or she can be counted on to do something important, will not shirk from duties, and will take personal pride in what he or she does.   The advantage of having trusting relationships is that we don’t have to do everything ourselves.  We can hand responsibilities over to others with the assurance that they share our values and will carry through.    Having earned trust, that exceptional student then has a high calling to maintain that stellar reputation; but with it comes great self-esteem.


 TEAM 4A:   Danielle Bruno   and  Chas Bibleheimer
TEAM 4B:    Felicia Morris   and  Caleb Schiavoni
    TEAM 4C:    Emma Hickey   and   Reagan Flory
  TEAM 5A:    Abraham MacDerment  and Julia Hondares  and Morgan Garber
TEAM5B :   Ashley Winters   and  Trevor Nolen
TEAM 6A :   Lily Heistand  and Nathan Yohn  and  Josh Rudy
TEAM  6B:    Cameron Pritts  and Adrian Grosh
 TEAM 6C: 
  Specials:  Meiley Shuck, Madison Taylor,  Brandon Bradley, Sophia Spang, Joe Libby, Taylor Crawford, Mason Matincheck