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11th Grade Honors World History
- Things to Consider Before Taking This Course -

While there are no official prerequisites for Honors World History, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you have accomplished the following if you decide to take this course:
  • A marking period average of 92% or above (an A- or better) in any previous 10th Grade USII Honors Social Studies course
  • A final exam score of 83% or above (a B- or better) in any previous 10th Grade USII Honors Social Studies course
  • A minimum or above average score on the Reading / Writing Keystone standardized exams prior to taking this course

Special Note for 2016 and beyond: Your previous semester history teachers will have made a recommendation to your counselor as to whether or not Honors is a good fit for you as a student. Please consider this recommendation carefully during the course selection process.

Course Description -

This course is designed to study the culture, society, history and current affairs in selected Eastern and Western Hemisphere countries, with special emphasis on the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Political, economic, religious, historical, and cultural themes are stressed in these areas of study and throughout the course of the semester. Students will also analyze the effects these areas have on the United States and our viewpoint as American citizens. Students will examine, in-depth, supplemental readings, maps and other materials to develop critical thinking and analytical skills that will help them prepare for possible AP / College level courses for their 12th grade year. Literary and historical reading and writing are also major components of the curriculum.
Why is it important to study history?
Time Periods / Topics of the World We Will Be Looking at in this Course
(1000 AD to present)-
  • Mini-Unit: Cultural Foundations = Elements of Culture, Anthropology, and Cultural "Dangers"

  • Unit I (1300's AD - 1600's AD) = The Renaissance, The Reformation, and the Age of Global Absolutism
    • Unit Theme = Conflict, Reform, and Birth of the Modern World
  • Unit II (1600's AD - 1814 AD) = The Age of Exploration, Enlightenment and Reason, and Democratic Changes within World Societies
    • Unit Theme = Colonization, Exchange, and Democratic Change
  • Unit III (1814 AD - 1940's AD) = The Industrialization of the Globe, European Imperialism, and Attempted Reforms / Conflicts
    • Unit Theme = Industrialization, Imperialism, and Foundations of a Global Society
  • Unit IV (1940's AD - present) = The Age of Global Conflicts, Political Change, and Unresolved Problems / Global Issues
    • Unit Theme = Decolonization, Global Conflict, and Modern-Day Issues

syllabus11th Grade Honors World History Syllabus (*SPRING, 2017*)

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Each semester, the Etown Social Studies Department invites a number of guest historians from local institutions of higher learning to come and interact with some of your perspective young historians and history honors students. The program is a great way for students to experience what college lessons or like, but also to interact with resident experts in the field of history on topics that relate directly to their course curriculum.
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Unit Spiral Exams / Study Guides
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