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Big "E" Booster Club
The Big 'E' Booster Club was formed in 1973 to support all student athletes and coaches in their pursuit of athletic excellence. Originally a football only booster club, the parent group was reorganized in 1992 and now supports all sports, both male and female. The club is a non-profit volunteer organization made up of parents and other community members interested in supporting all Elizabethtown High School and Middle School sports. A nominal $5.00 membership fee is charged. Click on the link below download the registration form and help make Elizabethtown a better place for its student-athletes to participate in sports.

Mission Statement

The Big 'E' Booster Club is committed to:
  • Promoting the healthful participation in sports activities at Elizabethtown Area High School by assisting theFootball Athletic Program and athletes where possible, feasible and proper, and helping make sports attractive to both boys and girls.
  • Promoting physical fitness for all students of Elizabethtown Area High School
  • Aid and assist the Athletic Program in the purchase of needed equipment and materials and renovation of facilities and other expenses that are beyond that Program's budgetary limits by raising moneys through contributions, fund raising and promotional activities.
  • Foster, expand and perpetuate interest in all school-sponsored activities and encourage the spirit of good sportsmanship, academics and fellowship that results there from.
  • Create a bond and act as a conduit between the school personnel, players and parents to improve the sports program at Elizabethtown.
2016-2017 Officers
  • President - Maureen Fairbanks
  • Vice President - Amy McEvoy
  • Secretary - Brenda Thomas   
  • Treasurer - Sue Smith

Contact the Big E Booster Club by email at BigEBooster@yahoo.com and follow us on Facebook.