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Sixth Grade Mathematics

Math Philosophy
The goal of the mathematics department is to prepare studentsfor continual success in mathematics classes and standardized exams. We also want to guide students to make connections between math concepts and real world applications.

Sixth grade mathematics staff includes:

Course Information

Sixth Grade Mathematics
  • CourseDescription - The curriculum includes problem solving throughout the year, operations with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and integers, and geometric concepts such as classification of polygons. Additional concepts that will be covered include measurement, algebra concepts, percents, and proportions, and statistics. 
  • Text Book - Holt Mathematics Course 1, Holt Mathematics Course 2- Homework Help and Tutorials
    • Students may use this to access the homework help link. The tutorials are listed according to the chapter and lesson they are associated with in the textbook.
    • Once in the lesson, students can click to see a video that explains to the students how to complete the homework problems correctly. Extra problems are also available along with a step-by-step description of how the problem can be solved.
    • Please keep in mind that some of the strategies that the textbook uses to complete problems may be slightly different than the methods they were taught in class.
  • Instructional Resources*
    • Scientific Calculator - this calculator is highly recommended, but not required - TI-30X IIB
  • Web Resources**
  • CourseDescription - Pre-Algebra is an introduction to basic algebraic skills and concepts needed to be successful in an Algebra I course. The Pre-Algebra course will also address state standards and address concepts found in the 8th grade mathematics assessment anchors.
  • CoursePrerequisites - Student placements are based on test scores, grades, and teacher recommendations. For questions or concerns about 6th grade math placements, please contact Lora Crills, K - 6 Math Coach, EASD
  • Textbook - Holt Mathematics Pre-Algebra
  • Instructional Resources*
    • Scientific Calculator - this calculator is highly recommended, but not required - TI-30X IIB
  • Web Resources**

TheElizabethtown Area School District makes use of a variety ofinstructional resources in the classroom to support student learning.Resources could include text books, subscription-based web programs,etc. The resources listed below are regularly used in the classroom toprovided support in the subject area. The websites listed may require ausername and password. Your son or daughter was provided this sign-ininformation by his or her teacher. If your child does not know his or her log in, please check with your child's teacher.

The Elizabethtown Area School District recognizes that the internet can be anoutstanding resource for students to access information and reinforceclassroom instruction. The links andinformation contained in this section have been recommended by districtfaculty and administrators and represent some of the best educationalsites for children. Thedirectory of links provided are located outside of theElizabethtown Area School District website. They are not maintained, owned or updated by theElizabethtown Area School District. To cancel, use your browser's "Back" button to return to the previous page.

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